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Famous quotations — quotes that are about love, inspirational, cute, motivational, and just all–around good. We are an ever-growing database of quotations, quotes, sayings, quips, and witty bits of humor and wisdom.

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They are bits or fragments of human expression, usually written or oral, that have been inserted into human expression. Normally clipped from literary sources, speech transcripts, film dialogues, song lyrics, or just overheard comments.

The ideal and most memorable quote is short, concise, and only a sentence or two in length.

They typically fall into one of two broad, high level categories: beauty and truth. Some can fit into both, but more typically are classed into one or the other. Beautiful sayings are words combined and effected in a way to make them memorable just for the aesthetically pleasing use of a language. Truth quotes are most often remembered because they speak clearly and directly to some universal, but often unnoticed universal truth. They are often called maxims or aphorisms and are highly regarded as pithy renderings of common thoughts or ideas not previously expressed so clearly. A third type, of lesser note, may be classified as any line that merely reminds the person quoting it of a memorable work, a subtle comparison to a situation or topic at hand.

Quotations are used for a variety of reasons: to enrich human expression, illuminate subtler meanings, support arguments, pay homage to a person or their work, to make the quoter seem well-read, or even to ridicule someone, often the author of a work.

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